Apr 1, 2016

"Purse & Shoe Book with Pronunciation Symbol Guide (Merriam Webster) Book Construction c2016

"Make Time for Your Space & Timeouts Ferociously" Assemblage Construct c2016

"Long Beach to San Pedro" Assemblage Construction c2016

"Secret Box" Construction c2016

"Moments of Peace Flowers" Assemblage c2016

"Security Device Enclosed" Assemblage w/Music Box c2016

"Rider Up" Drawing Construction c2014

"If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride" Assemblage c2016

"Three in a Row" Painting Construct 2016

"Rainbow" Paint Construction c2016

"Time to Paint" Painting Construct c2016

"It's About Time" Painting Construct c2016

"Circle" Painting Construct c2016

'Chair for Viewing Art" Assemblage c2014

"and now I can take a timeout whenever I want to!" Paint Assemblage c2016

"Moment in Real Time/Space" Paint Construction, c2016

"About a Hundred Tiny Drawings" Drawing Assemblage c2016